Cronk Y Voddy Vodka


Seven Kingdom's Cronk Y Voddy is a spirit aiming to capture the very essence of the Isle of Man road racing tradition. We use the finest grain spirit for Cronk Y Voddy, blended with 100% Manx vodka made from wash provided by our friends at the Hooded Ram Brewery. It’s distilled until it’s ultra-pure, clean, and delicious, and then the finest Manx water is added to hit the magic abv of 37 ¾ % !


The Cronk Y Voddy Straight rises up from Glen Helen out into the open countryside, this 180mph stretch of road is bookended by two very technical and tricky sections of the race, and that’s what we’re trying to encapsulate with this spirit. Open air, speed and sheer enjoyment.

The races have been going for over 100 years, and are as much a part of the Island story as anything. The Loaghtan was reintroduced to our fields from Norway, a couple of hundred years after the Leif’s countrymen arrived!

The sword in Cronk y Voddy is a sign of strength and protection, Viking in design to showcase our proud Viking heritage

Product Details: 700ml, 37 ¾ % ABV
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