Cold Brew Coffee Taster Set

More Than Just a Cold Brew Company
Erez Coffee's six-pack taster set gives you the opportunity to try all our different infused cold brew beverages. Each flavor comes in a ready-to-drink reusable glass bottle - We even do bottle collections!

Flavors Include
Mayor of Java, Indonesian Cold Brew Coffee
Mayor of Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Cold Brew Coffee
Mayor of Cartagena, Colombian Cold Brew Coffee
Mayor of Rio de Jeneiro, Brazilian Cold Brew Coffee
Mayor of Nuweiba, Cardamom Cold Brew Coffee
Mayor of Hanoi, Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee with Condensed Milk (NOT VEGAN)
Mayor of Montreal, Cold Brew Coffee sweetened with Maple Syrup
Mayor of Tijuana, Mexican Cold Brew Coffee with Spicy Pepper & Cinnamon

Serving Suggestions
- On the go, straight out of the bottle
- On the rocks
- With a dash of milk or cream
- Our cold brew tastes great heated too
- For some extra adventure, add to a cocktail (watch out for our recipes)

Product Details: Set contains 6 bottles, 250ml each
Specialties :
Gluten Free
Delivery Options: Only locally
Delivery Policy: We deliver free of charge in and around Tel Aviv, Gush Dan & Jerusalem!
Returns & Cancellations: Case by case
Supply Info:
Caters to Events
Custom Orders: Your order is customizable! If you'd like different flavor combinations, just send us a note with your order and we'll select your 6 bottles of preference!
Shelf Life: 3-4 weeks (best by 2 weeks)
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Public discussion (1)

Château de Steph

4 years ago

I had the pleasure of sampling a couple of these cold brew coffees and was really impressed by the sophistication and quality of the flavours. Looking forward to trying the rest of the range... The producers are super friendly and accommodating too! Highly recommended!

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