Shoshani Winery Guest House

This Galilee Guest House (Zimmer) is a lovely self-contained unit next to the Shoshani Family Winery, which is also happens to be the Shoshani family home! Your stay here will be wholesome experience. Get to know the family and chat with Shachar Shoshani about his unique natural wine making process.

The Guest House is located in Birya, an agricultural village in northern Israel. Part of the Upper Galilee next to Safed (Zfat), Birya has a modest population of around 800 people. Safed and the surrounding areas are simply breathtaking. The enchanting nature, mountainous air and mystical sites will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired - well worth a visit!

Specialties :
Gluten Free
Bar/Tap Room
Tasting Room
Event Space
Guest House
Visitor Center
Additional Info: Kindly note that our Guest House is strictly Kosher & Sabbath Observant!
Payment Info: For price and availability, please get in touch... We'll be happy to hear from you!
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