Petit Verdot 2018 (Sulfite Free)

Petit Verdot Wine by Shoshani Winery has been lovingly produced from carefully selected grapes, harvested from the foot of Mount Shifon, nestled between neighboring mountings which form part of a dormant volcano in the stunning Golan Heights region of Israel. Mount Shifon’s summit rises to 902 meters above sea level.

Shoshani's Petit Verdo 2018 is a (very) low intervention wine. It is fermented using the grapes themselves, without the addition of any yeast, it is then aged without the use of any preservatives whatsoever. For a natural wine, this dry red wine is incredibly delicate and sophisticated, yet full bodied and easy on the palette.

This unique style of low intervention wine making is both beneficial to the environment and to the drinkers themselves, who get to enjoy a fine red wine without the uncomfortable side effects associated with sulfites and other chemicals that are typically used in wine production.

Disclaimer: Please drink responsibility. If you drink too much alcohol or mix with other drinks, you'll get a hangover or worse, no matter how natural.

Product Details: Case of 6 bottles: 13% alc, 750 ml per bottle
Specialties :
Gluten Free
Additional Info: Mehadrin Kosher, certified by Rabbi Bastirsky and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu of Safed
Delivery Options: Only locally
Delivery Policy: Free local shipping for case of 6 bottles or more. For international orders, please contact us!
Returns & Cancellations: Due to the natural composition of our wines, results can vary from bottle to bottle. We don't typically do returns, but if you have any issues with your wine, we will be happy to discuss and find a resolution.
Supply Info:
Caters to Events
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