Mampoer Tasting

A Drink Like No Other!

Our famous Mampoer tasting and tour is a must for anyone who wants to see how our product is distilled and discover the various kinds of unique beverages that we offer. We look forward to hosting you and telling you all about M & M Mampoer!

In case you didn’t know, Mampoer is a homemade brandy distilled from fruit (usually peaches around these parts). The drink is known for its high potency - up to 80%!!!! Legend has it, Mampoer is named after the Pedi Chief Mampuru, who lost his land to local farmers after battles with the colonials. The new owners proved better at distilling peach brandy than farming and dedicated their version of moonshine to the big Chief who was ultimately responsible for their gift of land.

A harsh distilling tax was introduced in the late 19th century which ended much of the local Mampoer industry. However, a handful of farms in Groot Marico continued to operate their pot stills, M&M Mampoer being one of them! Visit us to learn more about our rich history, processes and flavors.

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Additional Info: Tastings take place from Monday to Saturday, 08:00 till 17:00, but must be booked ahead of time!
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