SeRen D.P.T.

Bringing Wineries to the City

Taste the Best Handcrafted Wines in Israel!


It’s our goal to show you the best of Israel. With over 380 individual producers, most people never get to try the best boutique wine that Israel has to offer. We are an urban visitors center centrally located in picturesque Jaffa dedicated to creating unique experiences with Israeli wine. We at Seren DPT offer curated tastings administered by experts that show off the amazing, surprising and exquisite wines that this dynamic country has to offer. Try one of our trailblazing paths through wine country, without leaving the city! Sit down with a bottle and some cheese on an afternoon off, or custom make your own tasting with our internationally certified sommelier.


Boutique producers from around Israel have joined us to form a cooperative project which presents their handcrafted Israeli wines to the world. Carefully curating a list of wines and wineries, we seek to have each producer shine their individual light upon the different facets of the dynamic and incredibly unique Israeli 'winescape'.

Join us on an adventure of taste and delight...

Tasting Room
Event Space for Hire
Visitor Center
Bar/Tap Room
Weddings/Private Parties
Mobile/We Come to You
Guest House
Hours of Operation: Sun, Tues, Wed Open 10am-7pm; Mon & Thurs Open 9am-5pm; Fri Open 10am-4pm; Sat Closed!
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